Alpine Milking Cow

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Tamara Drewe

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Penguins on Ice

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Shipping Notes

Due to the scale of the larger models, please note that the automatic delivery price quoted through the website is based on the average cost to a UK mainland address. Please contact us to confirm the cost.

Smaller models have standard UK rates applied and are sent by a separate courier service.

Discounts are offered on multiple sales.

For all overseas enquiries please contact us with full delivery address.

Horn Imports - Life Size Animal Models

Welcome to HORN IMPORTS , the only company in the UK that supplies a variety of realistic life size model plastic animals including bulls, cows, deer, sheep, goats, giant strawberries, milking cows, horses, pigs, penguins and calves.

They are all extremely accurate models ; true to life in size, scale and confirmation - including the strawberry which is five feet high. ...

If you are in any doubt just how real these plastic model animals appear ... take a look in the fields next time you are passing the cows in the meadows , the sheep in the corn ....or maybe if you are going down to the woods never know; some of these may be our models. 

Without stating the obvious, the cow in the first picture above is outstanding in her field . The cattle behind her are real and only acting as model cows.

All these life-size animal models can be customised; according to your requirements.

Over the years, our artist has undertaken a wide variety of clients` creative briefs ; from the straightforward to the contemporary - and so is very experienced in painting the model animals to any design you choose.

Alternatively you may wish to make alterations to the bodywork for a specific design or purpose. Our fully functioning milking cow model is probably our best example of this to date.

Brown Life Size BullYou are not restricted by type of animal, however from experience, we have found the bigger the plastic animal, the more powerful the message. 

This brown bull model was transformed into an abstract branded sign, and installed into his new home in a restaurant. The owners are absolutely delighted by the increase in turnover of erm........pies.


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