Shipping Notes

Shipping Notes

  • Due to the scale of the larger models, please note that the automatic delivery price quoted through the website is based on the average cost to a UK mainland address. Please contact us to confirm the cost.
  • Smaller models have standard UK rates applied and are sent by a separate courier service.
  • Discounts are offered on multiple sales.
  • For all overseas enquiries please contact us with full delivery address.

Life Size Model Deer Antlers

Price: £ 95.00

Life Size Fibreglass Deer Model antlers.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • 75cm long
  • Price - £95 ex vat including delivery to anywhere on the UK Mainland
  • We ship globally - so please contact us with full delivery address to confirm shipping cost
    (See Shipping Notes above)

We recommend that all models which are going to be used outdoors be coated with a transparent gloss of UV resistant varnish, but we would advise where possible placing the models inside during winter months.

Monarch Of The Glen

deer in undercover woodsThis life size fibreglass deer is guaranteed to turn heads whether placed in rural or urban locations.

A model of our largest land mammal , this Stag is delivered with a resplendent summer coat of reddish brown to brown, complete with a white chest.

This figure can also pass as a life size reindeer model; ideal as aprop for christmas events (either with or without Santa) , retail sales or window displays .

The large, highly branched antlers on the Stag ensure the model deer stands almost 240cm high.

The antlers are detachable to eliminate any possible mishap when moving the animal. In the wild, the number of branches on the antlers increases with age.

The deer model in this illustration is obviously undercover; see additional images below.  

Deer Me

deer in forestThe model is sculpted on a full size adult deer , and weighs around 40kg.

He is very robust and durable ; making him equally suitable for indoor or outdoor use. If  displayed outside, we would recommend that a coat of exterior varnish is used to provide extra protection from the elements.   

The fibreglass deer has great appeal for country and forestry estates, recreational deer stalking events,department stores, hotels, restaurants, outdoor catering firms, cafes, coffee shops etc. In fact, any business promoting venison should seriously consider the use of this fibreglass deer . 



Model Animal Turfboard

TurfboardThe Deer Model is extremely well balanced and stable , however  for added security, he has metal lugs moulded into each of the hooves. These allow the fibreglass animal to be secured to any surface - if required.

We recommend using metal tent pegs when fixing to a soft surface such as grass; while using bolts or screws on a solid surface .   

Alternatively, we can supply a wooden trolley which has an brakes on each wheel . This allows the model to be wheeled around more easily. To complete the look, the "skateboard" can be covered in artificial turf -  transforming itinto a turfboard ; thereby making the deer look more at home...

Model Deer Antlers

deer antlersWe are frequently asked to simply supply the model deer antlers , and so try to keep a stock of these as well. These are extremely natural in appearance. See more information below.

The length of the fibreglass antlers are 95cm approx from base to tip.


 Stag Party

deer stagExtremely realistic , the model deer stands out (and blends in) throughout parkland, forestry or any conditions resembling natural habitat.

The deer is an added attraction to any country estate ,farm attraction, parkland or garden centre - especially when placed in a strategic position.

Unlike its` live counterparts who often come in conflict with farmers and foresters due to grazing of tree shoots and agricultural crops, it will come as no surprise for you to learn that this fibreglass animal causes no damage and is not an endangered species!

And although, live deer Stags roar and grunt during the rut (breeding season) we promise that the model  we supply makes no noise.


deer in london

Xmas Card Models

Top London photographer, Jim Fenwick, was entrusted with the task of shooting the Company Xmas Card for the Saatchie Advertising Agency. 

His brief was simply to come up with something creative;

"I came across your website while searching for a realistic deer.Your stag fitted the bill perfectly.The animal was so true to life, crowds gathered near Regent Street to have their pictures taken with it. The deer actually became a real celebrity in its` own right

And the clients were absolutely delighted with the final results...."



The World Of Hermes 

Dear Stella Tenant

One of our deer received a complete makeover from top set designerShona Heath when fashion house Hermes awarded her the project of producing their instore catalogue for Spring 2009.

 Ably assisted by Rhea Thierstein, the abstract set depicted model Stella Tennant , who was photographed by Tim Walker .

This picture of the deer featured in the Hermes catalogue , which you were able to pick up in any one of their stores.

Apparently the deer failed to make a guest appearance at an " end of shoot" party... !

 John Lewis Window Display

silver replica reindeer antlers

In order to complete the John Lewis window display in time for Xmas, we supplied a number of pairs of model deer antlers , for Santa`s reindeer.

These were subsequently sprayed silver in keeping with the festive theme. then attached to the eight deer which had been specially sculpted to pull Santa`s sledge.

Rudolph, Prancer, Dancer and the rest were then properly attired in time for the christmas rush.... 

"Many thanks for getting the antlers to us so quickly."

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