Our Animal Models with Celebrities

celebrity milking cow competition

Make mine milk 004To promote the benefits and goodness of the white stuff ; a "Make Mine Milk" marketing campaign was launched. Central to the big event was Cookie The Cow; one of our model milking cows who was specially customised for the promotion.

Cookie made various appearances at events all around the country including Leeds Music Festival`s "Party in the Park" ; where a Milking Challenge was devised for all the artists taking part. When not performing on the main stage; the artists were invited to see how much milk they could extract from Cookie The Cow in a set time.

Kimberley Wyatt
Cher Lloyd

Here are some exclusive backstage pics taken in the 'White Room' where Cher Lloyd, Her Majesty & The Wolves, Jay Sean, JLS, The Wanted, Parade, Olly Murs, Pixie Lott, Justin Bieber & The Reason 4 all took part in the Milking Challenge.


The second part of the Challenge was a race to see who could drink a pint of milk the fastest. Jay from The Wanted was determined to retain his crown having earlier been knocked off the top spot...

Model Animals on the Red Carpet

model cow on the red carpet Over the years our life size model animals have become accustomed to appearing in a number of celebrity roles; and in many cases achieving cult status.

From appearing in films or television shows - rubbing shoulders with award winning actors on the red carpet at Leicester Square Movie Premieres - to hanging out at some of the biggest pop concerts - or being milked by the country`s politicians - our life size animal models have been amongst all the celebrity gossip and papparazzi.

Political (Model) Animals


SCOTTISH MINISTER for Finance and Sustainable Growth

Across in Scotland, Mr Swinney accompanied by his wife and children at Perth Agricultural Show demonstrated why he`s regarded as nimble with his fingers - not only with Scotland`s purse strings, but also with a deft milking technique.

jack mcconnell with cow

Jack McConnell 


While holding the top post in Scottish politics, Jack McConnell accepted an invitation to assist at a book launch of "Katie`s Koo" . His co-star at the event was another of our milkers, who was only too happy to share centre stage.

Ian Paisley at Balmoral

Ian Paisley

Ian Paisley

Ian Paisley

Ian Paisley

Our best selling animal is the fully functioning milking cow ; models of which can now be found all over the world. The popularity of these interactive bovines can be gauged by the queues which form whenever milking time draws near. Curiosity ensures a steady supply of volunteers to milk these cattle; including a growing number of well known public figures.

Obviously recognising the added credibility that being spotted milking these cows has to their reputations, we have found a steady stream of celebrities standing patiently in line, with paparazzi in tow..  

Northern Ireland First Minister, Dr Ian Paisley is on our growing list of Celebrity milkers , after he effortlessly took to the task of milking Daisy the Dale Farm Milker at Balmoral Show in 2007.

The Irish Dairyman`s top publication; United News; reported : " Daisy the Dale Farm Cow proved a major hit, particularly with the younger visitors to the Stand."

Reflecting its position as Northern Ireland`s leading manufacturer of quality dairy products , Dale Farm was ensuring - with the help of Daisy - that visitors to the Show knew exactly where milk comes from.

And to round off a successful Show, the United/Dale Farm stand received the award for the " Best Trade Stand in the Show."

Click the images to get a better view of Dr Ian Paisley milking Daisy.

Michelle Gildernew


Also proving her dairy skills was  newly appointed Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Michelle Gildernew.She tried her hand at milking Daisy the Dale Farm Cow on the first day of the Balmoral Show, and turned out to be a natural.

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