Model Animal Uses

Uses for Life Size Model Animals

cow bar menuArt Animals provide a unique marketing opportunity to businesses and individuals alike.

No other form of marketing, advertising or promotion can compete with the visual impact of these life size model animals. Guaranteed to turn heads, and raise smiles whenever on view, Art Animals are extremely realistic. So convincing, that people are often fooled - even when they appear in somewhat surreal situations...

And today's figures do not simply stand alone in the garden; but are elegant decorative figures that add flavour to the stylish office, lobby or provide decoration on a dresser or table. Figurines are ideal for sophisticated and tasteful gifts that produces a pleasant visual experience, and one that lasts for a long time in the memory. Decorative models or figurines are often symbolic in nature, and therefore are a great gift idea for a loved one.

Sausage Dog
Old Spice Tour
Wrapped Cow
Model Foal
Arsenal Gnome
Anphibious Cow
London Cow
Red Bull Cow


With the advent of smart devices, blue tooth and the like; innovative technology is being used in all walks of life. One of the latest industries to experience a surge in pioneering products is Agriculture.

We have recently experienced a large increase in sales for animal models to clients wishing to effectively demonstrate their latest innovative hi-tech products.

Calving Sensor

Moocall model cowOne of our clients has invented a non-obtrusive piece of kit to assist livestock farmers whose pregnant cows are about to give birth. A device is attached to the tail of a pregnant cow. Complex algorithms are built into the device, which senses when a cow is about to give birth, and immediately sends a text to the farmer`s phone - informing him of the event ; thereby saving the farmer precious time and providing piece of mind - not to mention safe delivery of a new born calf.

A number of Horn Imports model cows have been fitted with the device to show it off to its` maximum potential in various locations.

Livestock Electronic Identification System

Miss Allflex

A world leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of animal identification technology commissioned a model cow to promote their latest Electronic Identification System. The system helps livestock producers use individual animal identification as a key stock management tool.

The company supplies a RS420 reader (which looks like a wand) and connects via Bluetooth to an Apple device. When the farmer scans a collar around the animal`s neck – all the information appears on the farmers phone e.g. breed, name, number, date of birth, medical history etc.

After drawing up a design based on the clients` brief , the fibreglass cow was transformed in time for her first outing at the Royal Cornwall Agricultural Show before heading around the country to other high profile agricultural events.

Robotic Milking in South Korea

IMG 2992A major manufacturer of Robotic Milking Machinery based in South Korea commissioned a fully functioning milking cow model which required some special modification.

In order to fully demonstrate the capabilities of the robotic technology; the South Korean clients requested that the teat placements were altered to accommodate the robot during the milking operation. This was duly undertaken before our artist completed the task of giving the cow a black & white makeover in accordance with the client`s design brief. She was subsequently crated and shipped off to her new home in Seoul to display the function of the futuristic robotic milking system.


Black Bull Sign for Retail BusinessWhen Canadian Pub & Nightclub Operators; The Donnelly Group ; decided to refurbish their latest venture in downtown Vancouver, they gave us a call.

The designers behind The Butcher and Bullock reckoned that the entrance should make a huge beefy statement by having a life size model bull above the door; and the two & a half metre fibreglass bull fitted the bill.

So we were only too happy to ship one of our big bad bull boys across the water to proudly stand atop the busy establishment.

The Coach House Inn in AberfoyleArlene Allan and her team took over The Coach House Inn in Aberfoyle, and immediately set about transforming a business which had seen better times. The building was given a complete makeover, before we got the call to assist with marketing the restaurant which is based on the busy tourist throughfare in the Trossachs.

One of our life size model bulls was called for - and converted into a mobile 3D branded bull sign complete with turfboard. This allowed the Coach House`s newest bovine member of staff to be moved into position ; enticing hungry tourists to enjoy the superb Black Rock Grill cooking experience.

The awesome bull model was christened "Big Red"; and his impact has not gone unnoticed - especially in the evening when the sun goes down in this mighty fine town....  

"Big Red is doing his job attracting the tourists ....and all the toddlers in the village for some reason...!" commented Arlene

model bull sign

A firm of Gloucestershire butchers were looking to extend their business by opening up a farm shop to accompany the existing butchery premises.

They wanted something eye-catching on the exterior of the entrance to the premise; and decided that one of our a black and white cow model; fiited the task perfectly; especially ..."as this colour creates a good back ground..."

The model bull was dually branded , and following the customisation undertaken to the client`s tight deadline; was positioned on a sign outside the butcher`s shop / farm shop. The fact that it is able to withstand the weather elements outside all year round made it ideal.

" ...This will act as our sign out on the road to draw people in which I think will look really good..."

David Hawes
Watermoor Meats


Maximising exposure for charity events is essential to the success of such occasions.

Myeloma UK and Macmillan Cancer Relief

Myeloma UK and Macmillan Cancer ReliefEwan McConachie set off on a charity motorcycle run around the four Geographical points of the UK. Dressed in a fancy dress costume designed by his 7 year old nephew Fraser, he travelled around the country without the use of motorways. 

"I will be camping along the way, raising money for Myeloma UK and Macmillan Cancer Relief ; two very worthwhile charities; and hopefully raising a few smiles too." Mary the incredible plastic cow model was on hand to send Ewan off on his trip.

Sendacow Charity

The nice people at SENDACOW work with families throughout Africa to provide impoverished families with livestock and training in natural organic farming practices alongside courses in gender equality, conflict resolution and more.
We were approached to assist in providing a fully functioning model milking cow to assist in their fundraising efforts and the plight of these families.

Send a Cow CharityThe charity had indicated that they would like a black and white cow model; however we were keen to suggest that due to the subject matter that the black markings on the cow should be customised outlines of all the African countries the charity was involved in. Our artist got out the atlas and depicted amongst others; Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Cameroon and Lesotho.

The countries were not labelled on the fibreglass model cow, as the charity were able to introduce a quiz element for people to guess the countries shown.

An outline of Africa as a continent, as well as the UK, showed the Send a Cow process and linking.

"The model cow arrived safely and immediately went to work at the local Rare Breeds show on a Send a Cow stand. During the show we met a young man from Uganda who it turned out is the son of one of our beneficiaries. I had also visited his home 3 years ago. An amazing coincidence!! Everyone was very impressed by the cow model and the beautiful artwork."

Mark Hillman


Perth ShowAs marketing tools, the life size animal figures attract massive attention from the media and public alike.

Their huge appeal stretches across every boundary instantly creating conversation pieces. Positioning your lifesize model animal immediately produces a landmark - and inadvertently a Visitor Attraction!

For catching the eye in business promotions, at exhibitions, as signs, farm shops and agricultural events or simply used for fun or pieces of original art in your garden.


For WeddingsCouples about to get married often look for themes; and those from a farming or dairy background frequently select the dairy cow as a symbol which can be used throughout the event. Our model cow in this photo appears to be on her way to a “shotgun” wedding – nuff said !



And in certain religions the cow is regarded as sacred; hence we receive requests to hire our life size model milking cows to be used to carry out customs at such ceremonies. In some instances, the groom is instructed to “milk” the cow model and present the milk to his bride`s parents. WeddingCow2


Sam & Natasha decided to get married in Verbier, Switzerland; and in order to surprise his bride, Sam requested a :
".... life-size standing cow to have at our wedding for guests to sign..."

Obviously, due to the location the cow would have to match the theme and be painted with the Swiss Flag....

"It needs to be all red , with a white cross on its stomach".. 
The brief was duly completed before the final challenge ...! - since it is important to note that the venue of the wedding was a restaurant at the top of a 2200m high mountain...!!
The customised Swiss cow was delivered by executive courier (including the final part of the journey via a special lift) in time for the big day.


model milking cows educate childrenAs an accurate depiction of real animals, the imitation model milking cows educate children as to where milk is derived from.

At the same time allowing them to milk a fake cow in safety, while alleviating health and safety issues normally associated with real animals.

This is a major advantage for attracting school visits onto farms or farm attractions. There is also no requirement for risk assessment.


Anatomy Horse Model Statue

 One side of the Anatomical Model Horse accurately and clearly depicts the internal skeletal structure of a horse; as well as numerous organs and associated parts of the inside of the animal. In contrast, the other side of the model shows how the horse should look externally.It is a superb educational tool to use for teaching purposes in veterinary colleges & universities; especially those specialising in equine studies. 

With added features like a spring loaded mouth and metal spars for stability; the Anatomy Horse Model can be used in practical examinations for students; thereby avoiding any unnecessary Health & Safety issues.


Christmas Nativity SceneThe three dimensional (3D) fibreglass animal models add a huge degree of realism and authenticity for any group wishing to stage the nativity scene as part of their christmas celebrations.

This not only stops the need to use live animals ; and hence unwanted complaints, but it also means that the models can be used continually in any future nativity scenes.

As you would probably expect, the most popular nativity fibreglass animals tend to be the donkeys, cows, sheep. lambs, and goats.


Bull ScarecrowThe annual Longforgan Scarecrow Trail is a great example of how a little imagination goes a long way.  A total of 45 scarecrow entries were displayed in and around the vicinity of Longforgan village for around a fortnight. Maps and clues were provided for participants to find and identify the various scarecrows . The event was a huge success, raising a substantial sum for the local school and community trust.

The Rodeo Riding Scarecrow in the photo sitting astride a life size model rodeo bull went on to feature on the BBC website.

Again illustrating, that the life size plastic model animals make excellent props for such fundraising events.


Toot if you fancy me!!!As centres of attention, the fibreglass model animals are instant hits.

Transporting life size model cows on open trailers can provide a great deal of amusement to other drivers; especially when they are invited to sound their horns in approval when they are passing ............!

Over the years, the model animals have produced lots of smiles and received many admiring glances on the roads and motorways...


Golden GeldingsRalph Lauren Horse Visual merchandising is the activity of promoting the sale of goods , especially by their presentation in retail outlets . As a shop owner your windows provide the first impression to potential customers. They are the image you portray, a summary of the products you sell and a fantastic tool to entice new customers.

You should be creative with your displays , and stand out from the rest. This may mean using display props which are out of the ordinary.

We have supplied a variety of animal props to different retailers. Model horses for designer cloth outlets and department stores ; goats, pengiuns and chickens for boutiques in London and Canada and sheep for retail carpet outlets.

Frequently, clients request some customisation , such as the props being painted a different colour or design. This is a task which our artist undertakes with relish....


For companies and businesses seeking to sell or market services or products at trade fairs, shows and exhibitions, what better way than to have a life size model animal such as a cow on the stand ?

You can be guaranteed that people will stop to inspect your exhibit !

Trade Exhibition
Trade Exhibition

We have recently added audio as an additional modification to the model animals, so you can now have a "talking" cow, horse or bull on the stand. The model can interact with the public and create a massive impact regardless of the audience. 

Please contact us to discuss your audio requirements.



A number of our clients; especially those who regularly operate in global markets; recognise the importance of a warm welcome for visitors arriving at their offices.

So the first place of contact for guests is generally the reception area where it is essential that a business promotes a good first impression, on which to build a good working relationship.

While a professional friendly greeting from a receptionist is essential; the smart business operators have discovered the added value that a life size model animal brings to the ambience of an office - instantly providing an ice-breaker and conversational piece in one.

Whether it`s a lifesize model cow, a customised gold sheep model or another full size animal model that`s standing in reception - it simply cannot be ignored!

If you have any questions - just ask !

"Our full size model cow which stands in the reception area of the Sydney office has become such a hit. You wouldn`t believe the amount of visitors and couriers that take a photo of her !

We would now like to order a calf to compliment her."

Diana Jones , Sydney, Australia


Dublin Zoo Ireland
Blackpool Zoo Dinosaur

All over the world, Zoos take huge pride in educating the general public about the animal kingdom and the welfare of the animals. Often, when it is not practical to use real animals, Zoological Societies have found welcome subsitutes in our life size model animals to relay messages and provide visual illustrations at exhibitions. 

These may be wild animal models or something more familiar like our life size model milking cow !

At Blackpool Zoo, they provide a home to numerous species of domesticated animals, housed in a huge barn with it’s paddocks & enclosures. It is the ideal place to visit for children (and adults) who want to be hands-on. And of course they have Daisy, the milking cow, if you fancy a go!

Blackpool Zoo
Blackpool Zoo
Blackpool Zoo
Blackpool Zoo

It’s officially Ireland’s smallest farm but it’s has become the one of the most popular; as Dublin Zoo opened the gates to reveal Family Farm, an acre of fun that represents an island of farming. Bringing a lot of country to a little part of Dublin’s city centre, Family Farm is a joint venture that Dublin Zoo and Agri Aware have been working on for the past two years.

The main attraction is naturally, the new animals: the new beef cow and calf, the ewe with her four little lambs, the weaner and Tamworth Pigs, pygmy goats as well as geese and hens. There is even a dairy cow, which can be seen getting milked on the farm everyday!

She isn’t the only milking cow on the farm though! The life sized model cow that children can milk themselves is just one of the fixtures on the farm that promotes active learning. A playground full of model animals also captures children’s imagination.

There is also be a new farmhouse school which is a hub of learning, children can learn about agriculture in the classroom during their school tours and then just step outside to experience it for themselves. Children will get the opportunity to become mini-farmers by helping plant their own vegetables and learn about the importance of Irish hedgerow plus much more! 

Family Farm is fun, and an unforgettable experience for children of all ages

As centres of attention , the fibreglass model animals are instant hits.

Transporting them on open trailers can provide a great deal of amusement to other drivers; especially when they are invited to sound their horns in approval when they are passing ............!

The model animals have received many admiring glances on the roads and motorways...


daisy, digger, ross and lew1aWhy lead a dull and sheltered life when you can excite your neighbours by giving them something to talk about. 

Surrey-based, Martyn Cohen certainly cannot be accused of being a wall flower. Residing in a house with a large garden, he decided to buy a new "grass-cutter" to keep his huge lawn in shape. 

Most people would settle for a normal petrol or electric lawnmower like a flymo but Martyn decided he wanted a ride-on grass-cutter ... However, it was no ordinary grass-cutter he was after, but the latest model - a life size plastic grazing cow called Daisy, which ticked all the right boxes, kept the kids a"moos"ed , and ensured the neighbours` curtains were twitching for many weeks to come....

xmas card o deer


Top London photographer, Jim Fenwick, was entrusted with the task of shooting the Company Xmas Card for the Saatchie Advertising Agency.

His brief was simply to come up with something creative;

"I came across your website while searching for a realistic deer. Your stag fitted the bill perfectly.The animal was so true to life, crowds gathered near Regent Street to have their pictures taken with it. The deer became a real celebrity in its` own right .

And the clients were delighted with the final results...."



Why not go for an unusual xmas present ? Forget the standard socks and perfume routine; that`s just plain boring and what everybody gets...

Go for the unusual, and not only will your family member, partner or friend be forever grateful - your gift will be the main topic of conversation for the next year...

After all, how many other people do you think will give a life size model cow, pig, sheep or deer for someone`s christmas?



8th May 2006 

"Farmer is banned from French beaches on D-Day for British beef" by David Hogg

Yorkshire-Duck-&-Cow1YORKSHIRE farmer Steve Burgess had planned to celebrate yesterday's end of the ban on British beef exports by driving his amphibious vehicle across the channel to France -complete with plastic cow in tow.

The 50-year-old had strapped "Dobbin" to the back of his converted Land Rover Discovery and drove down from his farm in Mirfield, West Yorkshire to Dover - ready to cross the Channel last Friday and bring the first British "beef" export to Europe for 10 years before anyone else.

Unfortunately he found the French unwilling to co-operate and he was told he could not land the craft on their beaches. "We didn't have a permit from the French to land," he said. "It seems you can only land on their beaches when they need us." And he added: "We just felt like lifting the mood a little bit. When the restrictions were imposed it virtually halved livestock values.The ban was necessary but it has been a difficult time."


Due to the realism of the models, we constantly have requests for to supply a variety of animal models for film and television work.

A cow was specially commissioned for the film premiere of Tamara Drewe in Leicester Square, London, along with a flock of sheep and lambs.

MAD COW CORNER by the merry milkman

Apart from what we consider "normal" uses for the animals, there appears to be a great deal of people who have some other unusual ideas for Art Animals.... 

This column has been reserved for some of the alternative requests received .....

Music Festivals

The model animals prove very popular with the crowds at music festivals. The Art Animals models have been to Glastonbury & Latitude Festivals in the past.

Unusual Birthday Present

A lady in Oxford wanted to present her Mother-in-Law with a life size plastic cow for her 70th birthday.It would join the pigs and chicken statues in her garden, ...which she feeds every morning....

Xmas Present

Five farmers wives in the Isle of Man purchased a cow each for their husbands` xmas...then treated themselves to a weekend at the Health Spa.... personally we think the guys got the best deal !!

Military Service

Shhhhh...One of our pigs is fully camouflaged and resident in the Officers Mess in a Military Base ... (we can`t tell you where...) He also has the insignia of the unit along his side as he begins life as the mascot. Apparently in forces lingo; the officers mess can also be known as the pig`s mess.....

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