Shipping Notes

Shipping Notes

  • Due to the scale of the larger models, please note that the automatic delivery price quoted through the website is based on the average cost to a UK mainland address. Please contact us to confirm the cost.
  • Smaller models have standard UK rates applied and are sent by a separate courier service.
  • Discounts are offered on multiple sales.
  • For all overseas enquiries please contact us with full delivery address.

Wild Animal Models

£ 630.00
Life Size Fibreglass Deer Model for use outside and inside in marketing and promoting country events and locations.Ideal for Xmas displays.
£ 95.00
Life size fibreglass meerkat
£ 750.00
Life Size Fibreglass Zebra model statue for marketing, zoo, safari themes, safari park, adventure playground, theatre, photoshoots, film, TV and corporate work.
£ 170.00
Life size fibreglass resin Penguin statue.
£ 135.00
Realistic baby crocodile fibreglass resin model suitable for marketing, promotional and water attractions.
£ 215.00
The life size fibreglass resin giant turtle
£ 130.00
Life size fibreglass resin Penguin model statue.
£ 75.00
Life size fibreglass resin rabbit model
£ 150.00
Life size fibreglass fox model sitting
£ 130.00
Baby Brown Bear fibreglass resin model which can be used for promotions, marketing events, or even at home as a small occasional table.
Not available
£ 90.00
Fibreglass vixen fox and cubs model
£ 110.00
Fibreglass fox model standing
£ 999.00
Life Size Fibreglass Elk or Moose
£ 595.00
Life size fibreglass ostrich.
£ 170.00
Life size Warthog or Wildboar
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