Customise your own Life Size Animal Model

Artwork and Customisation

Our in-house “livestock” artist can undertake customised artwork based on a client`s brief.

The animals can be transformed by a simple idea or design. Please request a quote regardless of how bizarre you think your concept is….

Obviously the longer the leadtime to customise the better, however we frequently complete to some very tight deadlines. Generally speaking, we can normally supply and deliver within four weeks; depending on the clients` brief. There are lots of examples on this page as well as in Our Gallery to show just what is possible.

Horn imports partnering PeachyKeen (human energy)

Shetland Pony models

Horn Imports t/a Art Animals is proud to be partnering PeachyKeen; a unique business which focuses on using human movement to generate energy which can be used in a multitude of ways as well as being stored. We can supply fully customised or converted animal models in a multitude of multi-media creations to inform and entertain. As a demonstration model, we had one of our Shetland Pony models converted into a fully functioning multi-media centre.

This Shetland Pony named “Peppe” has been transformed into an interactive gadget centre; which is powered by HUMAN ENERGY. It is kitted out with a “traffic light” lighting system which changes depending on how much human power is generated. It is fitted with USB docking stations in order for mobile phone users to recharge their phones. It has a radio; to listen to your local radio station. On one flank you can watch TV ; and if reception requires to be improved – an aerial is included. Peppe the Interactive Pony also has eyes fitted with lights….and please remember all this is powered by human energy. Please contact us now if you would like to turn any one of our model animals into a captivating visitor attraction.

Happy Ever After Pigs

The nice people at Absolut Vodka are happy with the way the product has evolved into one of the world`s most iconic brands. Moreover, they are just as proud of their hard work and grunt to minimise their impact on the environment.

This approach ensures that a byproduct is resource rather than just waste, and is both profitable and environmentally wise. The prime example is stillage, which results from distillation when the vodka is produced. It is rich in protein and is used to feed 250,000 pigs and 40,000 cows every day.

This was highlighted recently at Bar Convent in Berlin, where one of our customised pigs branded in the Absolut colours appeared on the company`s stand to advertise their environmental foot hoofprint…


Mondrian`s Abstract Model Cow

Piet Mondrian was a 20th Century Dutch abstract painter famous for his drawings of cubes and lines. Mondrian‘s colourful, simplified forms are now iconic and instantly recognisable. His abstract language innovated art, yet he envisioned universal applications. Whether he foresaw the designs being used to transform a life size model cow into a four legged work of art; we will never know… However we were approached by a fan of the artist, who commissioned a cow to be painted in this distinctive style known as De Stijl.

Mondrian`s Abstract Model Cow
Mondrian`s Abstract Model Cow

You did the most precise and wonderful job.  The painting is simply perfect.  The colours do work, and the symmetry and precision with which you executed our vision is simply amazing.  I have to say that you also made the eyes perfect.  I am pleased you suggested doing what you did.  Very, very neat.

We have found the position and angle so we can see him from all the various view points in the house.  We now just need to finish the  border on which he will stand (membrane + white gravel) and tune the night lighting with a couple of high power spotlights…  Hours of fun.  

We love him and he is part of the family.  Can’t imagine the garden without!  Only a few of our neighbours have seen him – they did think we were a bit particular before, but now, you can just imagine!

If you ever need a recommendation do not hesitate to get in touch, it has been pleasure going through the creative process and execution with you. ”

Warm regards


Bodo`s Schloss Model Milking Cow

Top London Restaurant & Night Club – Bodo`s Schloss, recently commissioned a special Alpine Milking Cow to welcome customers to their unique Alpine themed premises.

Billed as chic, sophisticated, glamorous fun mixed with authenticity and tradition – and that`s just Heidi the Beautiful Cow.

And notice the novel Austrian technique using pigtails to milk the cow…

Whilst indoors, clientele are experiencing traditional Austrian Cuisine served by staff wearing Ledehosen and Dirndl; Heidi greets them on their arrival outside ; complete with Tyrolean Cow Bell around her neck.

Hosting Europe’s finest DJ’s attracts top celebrities; and word has reached us that Bruno Mars` recent first anniversary gig at the venue, resulted in Heidi being filled full of champagne…resulting in the ultimate apres ski cocktails…

Although it has to be said, that it would appear from the adjoining paparazzi`s pic, that Heidi herself looks like she may have had a glass of champagne too many…

Penguin Models

Gentoo & Galapagos Penguins

Hull’s top visitor attraction, The Deep, is one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world and is home to a whopping 3,500 fish including Europe’s only pair of green sawfish.

On Monday 3rd March 2014, The Deep opened its brand new Gentoo penguin exhibit.

VIPs (Very Important Penguins) took up residence in The Kingdom of Ice, and help explain to visitors about the threats to their habitat, issues surrounding climate change and ocean acidification as well as animal biology and food chains.

Last year we were commissioned by The Deep to produce a couple of Gentoo model penguins to be included in the exhibition which will give visitors views of the penguins across three floors.

Marketing Manager Becky Leach commented :

” . . .  they look fab , and are on our fundraising display in the new gallery as we speak . . . ”

Gentoo & Galapagos Penguins
Gentoo & Galapagos Penguins

This exhibit forms part of The Deep’s new conservation initiative called ‘Project Penguin’, and will assist in raising funds for vital research work in the wild to help protect endangered penguins. Two additional penguin models were required – however, this time it was Galapagos Penguin Models.

The Galapagos Models were completed and despatched in readiness for their part in the exhibition.

These two fellows have obviously fallen out over a sardine as they don`t look like they are talking to each other ….

Union Jack Calf Cabinet Bookends

Customising the animal models usually entails a wee bit of natty artwork following a design brief. However, one client recently had bigger ideas which brought to mind Houdini`s magic trick of sawing an assistant in half , along with a touch of patriotism.

A British company was exhibiting at a Trade Show in Cologne, Germany. It was the worlds largest confectionery/ sweet stuff exhibition and they  represented a number of chocolate and biscuit manufacturers in the International Market place…

Union Jack Calf Cabinet Bookends

They provided us with a brief which involved cutting one of our life size calf models in half and converting it into huge book ends with the use of metal plates to stabilise either end. To complete the look, both calf bookends had a union jack painted on them.

The patriotic bookends were then fitted at either end of a glass display cabinet specially selected with similar dimensions to the model calf. This inspirational addition ensured that this Cool Calf Britannia display really stood out from the crowd, and perfectly showcased the very best of British products !

” I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of the 2014 exhibition in Germany.
Everybody loved the calf !!!
It was a real talking point
It arrived back safe in the UK and is being rehomed in our Bosses Garden !!
Thank you for making our Show Stopper “

Kind Regards


Claire O’Meara
Fitzpatrick Exports
Business Development Manager

Union Jack Calf Cabinet Bookends