Educational Uses of our Art Animals


Illustrated by the Life Size Model Milking Cow

Life Size Model Milking Cow

In this modern era, many countries have witnessed a huge reduction in the number of individual dairy farms. This is often in contrast to the number of cows being milked ; which points towards bigger dairy units working to a programme of economy of scale and anticipated greater efficiency.

Such major shifts in the dairy map however may come at a price ; as the loss of so many dairies also means the reduction in many potential “outdoor classrooms” where the story of milk and milking cows originates.

In this new age, children assume that milk simply originates from cartons (not even bottles any more); and that the cows resemble the cartoon versions featured on the television or internet.

Historically, school trips were organised to visit farms where children could learn about the sources of food. Farmers were only too pleased to welcome kids onto their farms to provide them with exciting practical lessons involving real livestock – which children just loved.

Life Size Model Milking Cow

However, strict health and safety regulations involving compulsary risk assessments have provided major disincentives, and made it increasingly difficult for farmers to become involved in such educational programmes.

And farmers cannot be blamed for nervously checking their insurance cover, prior to any farm visits…

Fear not – help is at hand ….

In Scotland, Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) has been at the forefront of filling this gap in education and reversing the trend by taking the countryside to the children.

Our life size model milking cows have emerged as not simply being an integral part of their educational programme; but arguably the mainstay of these initiatives.

Royal Highland Education Trust

As an educational tool, the Art Animals Life Size Model Milking Cow is the perfect interactive solution to the real bovine.

Not only do children (and adults) get a realistic idea of the scale, shape and conformation of the animal, but the rubber teats closely resemble milking the real thing; providing a valuable interactive learning experience.

RHET originally had one life size model milking cow figure called Mabel ; however her overwhelming success over the years has prompted the various branches around the country to obtain their own milking model.

life size model milking cow
fully functioning milking cows

The RHET herd has since grown to an impressive 7 fully functioning milking cows of various breeds providing interaction with kids all over Scotland; and probably more important – fun. Since learning is so much easier if you`re having fun doing it !

The cows have proved to be a major attraction with the adults who bring along the children invariably ending up milking the animal model themselves !

Worldwide Academic and Educational Establishments

Schools, Universities and Colleges

The use of the life size model milking cow as an ideal practical educational tool is demonstrated by our ever growing list of educational establishments from primary schools and community farms, to colleges and universities.

Rest assured, that this credible catalogue of international educational establishments would not have been prepared to accept just any life-size model cow.

It must look and operate as close to a real cow as possible; in size, conformation, stature and functionality. After all, the lecturers and teachers require to educate their students using the best resources available. Anything substandard would simply not do – just ask the lecturers…

Various life size animal model figures including cows, horses, sheep and pigs have invariably been used by veterinary students to undertake their practical exams in animal husbandry and treatment.

This has proven to be a safe and cost effective method for any university or college.

“Thanks for the model milking cow. It was in excellent condition when delivered, served us extremely well for the exams and we now will consider her teaching potential when clinical rotations resume in anger in September. Thanks for all your help and we will be in-touch to consider what else we could do with her.”

Dr Richard Murray 

BVM&S DVM&S DBR FHEA, DipECAR, DipECBHM, MRCVS. (Professor at The University of Liverpool Faculty of Veterinary Science)

“The milking cow is a real star and extremely useful for first year students learning to milk and also in the later years when they are doing clinical examinations. Her name seems to vary with the students!!

The lying down cow will also be used for clinical examinations – since many sick cows are lying down and therefore, inconveniently, not presenting the bits that you might want to examine!”

Kind Regards

Dr Lynda Moore
Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Microbiology Departmental Head of Teaching Veterinary Admissions. (Department of Clinical Veterinary Science University of Bristol)

As the life like fiberglass models not only transcend age but nationalities and cultures; other countries have also cottoned onto the unique educational aspects of these plastic milking cows which ( as ex-dairy farmers ) we have designed to resemble real cows as closely as possible. These bovine beauties are now shipping out globally to every continent.

Although not in a strictly academic environment, the two milking models and their calves featured in the film alongside, were shipped out to Riyad, Saudi Arabia; where children had the opportunity to interact with the models at a national event. As you can see, they had great fun milking the cows while learning where the milk actually comes from…

Some of our model milking cows even participate on social media networks . Just check out Fiona; who lives in Pleasanton, California, USA ; and has her own Facebook Page, which keeps all her followers up to date with the activities in her area.

Ideal for farm parks, ice cream parlours, farm attractions and city farms, the incredible fiberglass model Milking Cow has proven to be a massive hit at all types of venue. Staff can fill her up, then relax in the knowledge that no-one will ever get kicked, stood on, or made a mess of.

And at the same time, children can marvel at the scale and highly efficient operation of an animal which has been around a very long time.

fiberglass model Milking Cow

Horn Imports Model Milking Cow Technique

Horn Imports Model Milking Cow Technique

To milk the cow, the rubber teats must be used properly to produce a steady flow. A 50 litre tank inside the animal stores the “milk”.

We have found the assistance of an expert with experience in milking the “live versions” invaluable, for kids to learn. And there never seems to be a shortage of volunteers…

PLEASE NOTE : As extremely minimal feeding and watering is required.

The Milking Cow being energy efficient; is guaranteed not to kick, bite or make a mess, thereby minimising any insurance problems, avoiding methane gas pollution and eliminating her carbon footprint !!

Replacement Milking Parts
Her milking “parts” while being extremely durable, are also easily replaceable; and are normally in stock.

Robert Wiseman Dairies


Robert Wiseman Dairies (Now Muller Wiseman) have retained Bella the Milking Cow on their stand @ The Royal Highland Show since 2003 as an educational & marketing tool for their expansive business. She has proved to be an overwhelming success.

So much so, that one year a fellow famous model, Nell McAndrew assisting Bella on the stand, was heard to remark that she did not realise she would have such competition. Bella can be seen in operation every June on her Stand at The Royal Highland Show, Ingliston, Edinburgh.

“Our Milking Cow went down an absolute storm in terms of an attraction – the kids were extremely interested and the farming community were equally impressed”.

“In terms of practicality the only problem really was the high volume of kids we had using her – It really tested the durability of her equipment !”

Joanne Rae : Marketing Manager, Robert Wiseman Dairies