Model Milking Cow – Our Speciality

Cow Credibility

And what do other vendors know about real dairy cows? Not only are we plastic farmers , but we are real farmers; with real cows, bulls, sheep and horses in our fields, who have milked many dairy cows over many years. So you see we know our rear udder from our withers.

Life-Size Model Cow

Realistic life size model cows are our speciality; and while others claim to have realistic bovines ; unfortunately they fall short – in size and confirmation. Go on compare them and you will see a complete contrast.

The test is very simple – just take a close look; would you be fooled into thinking these cows are real ? Quite honestly some are real horrors (we design our own cows)

Life-Size Model Cow

Five Model Cows

The fibreglass cows are produced in five different formats:

Standard Model Cows

Don`t be fooled by cheaper imitations which are not full size, and resemble cartoon characters… they don`t fool real cows , so don`t let them pull the wool over your eyes…

All these fibreglass model cow formats are available in standard black and white holstein colours; or in white primer coating ready for custom painting.

The exception is the cow bench which is available in white, black & white or brown & white.

Artwork and Customisation

Our in-house “livestock” artist can undertake customised artwork based on a client`s brief. The animals can be transformed by a simple idea or design.

Please request a quote regardless of how bizarre you think your concept is….(bearing in mind this is life size plastic cows we`re talking about; so we may have had a similar crazy request …)

Obviously the longer the leadtime to customise the better, however we frequently complete to some very tight deadlines. Generally speaking, we can normally supply and deliver within four weeks ; depending on the clients’ brief.

Security & Stability

During the manufacturing process, metal “lugs” are inserted into the mould of each hoof of the fibreglass cow.

This allows the cow to be either bolted, screwed or nailed down to a base.

Some clients require the animal model to be mobile in order to take her out and in their premises.

On other occasions, a milking cow may be taken to locations in order to illustrate the art of milking for educational purposes , this provides an easier and less labour-intensive method of mooving her around.

We can supply a wooden trolley or “skateboard” which has four individually braked wheels , specifically for this purpose.

And to complete the look we can transform this mobile plinth into a “turfboard” by covering it in artificial turf – or the very latest Astroturf, no less …

Pimp My Ride

Pimp My Ride

The cow which weighs around 70kg; is then bolted onto the turfboard to enable her to be wheeled around . If the cow model requires to be transported, the brakes are sufficient enough to hold her in place for her journey.

Commissioned for an independent supermarket in Dorset , the cow shown in the illustration on the left was bolted onto the turfboard , and used to promote the business around local shows and events during the summer of 2010.

In other circumstances, if the cow is to be placed on a softer surface, such as in a grass field, park,on a beach or lawn, metal tent pegs can be hammered into the ground to secure her, and removed when required.

Ideal for temporary positioning.

Both options provide a great degree of stability and security to the finished models of the Standing , Grazing and Milking Cow from the elements – climatic and the odd unsavoury.



The metal lugs are also extremely useful when the cows are being transported. Depending on the carrier`s vehicle, the animals can be padded and strapped; or if necessary; bolted down onto a wooden pallet to ensure a safe journey.

If the cow is being transported outwith the UK mainland , we would however recommend the purchase of a wooden cow crate , which provides a greater degree of protection , given the greater distance travelled.

These are custom built, and can be used repeatedly if, for example, the model cow is attending a season of exhibitions.


As witnessed at various events around the world, including the Edinburgh Cow Parade, the plastic cow has a huge appeal and is ideal for a variety of uses : business promotion , trade stands, signs, a tribute with the markings of your favourite cow, educational, fundraising, charity auctions, garden ornaments, landmarks…..


The prices quoted below include delivery by private courier to any address on UK mainland.

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