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TASKMASTER series 10

Channel 4 (2020)

Taskmaster Cow

Comedians Greg Davies & Alex Horne on Cow Model

The frankly, bizarre gameshow Taskmaster has just changed channels to Channel 4, and is just as side-splittingly silly as before.

Most of the show`s challenges take place in someone`s back garden, complete with shed, eccentric-looking caravan and one of our model milking cows.

Hosted by comedians Greg Davies and Alex Horne, the show takes a handful of comedians – which in this 10th series includes Daisy May Cooper, Johnny Vegas, Katherine Parkinson, Mawaan Rizwan and Richard Herring. They then challenge the contestants to compete in various absurd and pointless tasks set by Horne, with the aim of impressing “Taskmaster” Davies.

Our fully functioning model milking cow frequently appears throughout the series. And in the very first episode; Daisy May Cooper whilst dressed as her own superhero creation Achievement Woman; unceremoniously makes her “disappear” by putting her through a hedge – in order to complete a task of making the largest object properly vanish…?

As this model cow is designed to produce “milk” don`t be surprised to see her appear in another task….

Rylan & Taskmaster Fake Cow

Rylan & Taskmaster Fake Cow


Featuring Celebs On The Farm (2018)

With Jeremy Kyle presenting Good Morning Britain alongside Kate Garraway & Charlotte Hawkins; one of our model milking cows headed down to the ITV Studios in London to promote a new series which was about to air; entitled Celebs On The Farm.

Similar to former Channel 5 show The Farm, the series followed a number of celebrities learning how to operate a working farm and all the drama that comes along with it. Britannia our milking cow, went along to demonstrate just how hard life is in the countryside.

The line-up for the series was revealed, including The Only Way is Essex favourite Bobby Norris and Emmerdale actress Lorraine Chase. These two contestants came along to demonstrate how to milk a cow.

However, it was the presenters who were keen to show off their milking skills. While Jeremy tried to force the issue; Kate and Charlotte especially showed more style and know-how…

Turns out that Charlotte had experience when she was growing up; having previously milked cows on a relative`s farm during the school holidays…


Gabby Logan was the presenter on BBC`s patriotic TV Show ; “I Love My Country” beaming out on Saturday nights; alongside team captains Micky Flanagan and Frank Skinner.

It`s a comedy panel show in which well-known British faces from the worlds of sport, entertainment and music battle it out in a bid to prove who knows Great Britain best.

Our life size model deer and dogs assisted in creating the authentic British backdrop.

Jackpoint Joy 3D Grey Horsehead Model

JACKPOT JOY Online Bingo  (2013)

The horse head models have proved extremely popular for a wide variety of uses; including displays for bridles & halters. In addition, they have also appeared in adverts for online bingo …. as you would expect…

For this particular game, the producers identified two specifications :
1. That the grey horsehead fitted into a wheely-bin
2. And the mouth moved in order for the model to talk …. !


Never mind the Great British Strawberry, this was one of our Giant Fibreglass Strawberries being used to promote the British Strawberry season.  Tasty red berry images accompanied by the William Tell Overture building up to a final crescendo makes this ad an instant hit. Keep your eyes open for the big berry – as it says in the audio “it`s short but sweet”.


Steak was on the menu, as Heston explained where the various cuts of meat originate from. With the beefy assistance of one of our life size Aberdeen Angus bull models, and one of his butcher pals; he illustrated perfectly to a hungry audience, what meat comes from where.

Our model bull stood impassively while Jack the Butcher showed the areas of best flavour. The big beefy bull model had chalk markings drawn on him to signify the various parts.

Later in the programme our prize Aberdeen Angus replica bull can be seen gazing through the kitchen window while Heston does his magic in the kitchen.


Glimpsed at Speed featuring Phil Tufnell

For a recent series, BBC`s magazine programme “The ONE Show” filmed an episode called “Glimpsed at Speed”.
This particular series featured celebrity Phil Tufnell touring the country and telling the story behind unusual landmarks, motorists would normally speed past.

Falling into that category ; this episode featured our associated business The Horn Milk Bar . Four million viewers tuned in to watch Phil find out about the iconic building on the A90 midway between Perth & Dundee with the life size model cow on top of the roof.

And when The ONE Show producers found out that The Horn was connected to this life size model animal business; they asked if it would be possible for Phil to milk one of our model milkers in the restaurant. We were only too happy to oblige; however Phil was in for a bit of a surprise. After adorning Head Dairyman Tufnell with his pristine white coat and badge (to reflect his mighty position) , he sat down on his milking stool.

After saying his “piece to camera”; he proceeded to demonstrate his expert milking technique...

Now, what he wasn`t aware of ; or even ready for ; was the fact that this particular milking cow was also specially wired for sound – and so could talk!

So on squeezing her udders – the milking cow bellowed “Tuffers – not so hard ! “ ; at which point our hapless presenter fell off his milking stool. Other comments such as “Your hands are friesian” and “Tuffers you`ve done this before !”quickly followed, and allied to the frequent loud sound of cow flatulance; reduced England`s ex-cricketer to tears ….

After checking out some of our other animal models; filming then moved onto a local school where enthusiastic children were given a lesson about milk production from a representative of The Royal Highland Educational Trust . As an organisation which is actively promoting the Scottish Agricultural Environment,  RHET “take the classroom into the countryside ” by going out into the community and undertaking educational programmes focusing on aspects such as farming and food production.

Our model milking cow has proved such a hit with these types of programmes, that it is now the central point of the mobile classrooms which attend various activities and events held throughout the country.( RHET now have 7 milking cows spread all over Scotland) Tuffers was given a front row seat to find out just what the kids were learning.

TAMARA DREWE – Premiere & After-party (2010)

The producers of the movie Tamara Drewe starring the glamorous “Bond Girl”; Gemma Arterton,  commissioned a rather provocatively designed cow to emulate the femme fatale. Painted pink & white, she  epitomised the country background on the red carpet at the Premiere.

To complete the rural setting, Tamara the Cow was joined on the red carpet by a flock of model sheep and lambs.  Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) took a shine to one of the model lambs; and was last seen heading into the Odeon with it under his jacket.

The Afterparty attracted a variety of mighty fine stars and celebrities ;from stage and screen including Lilly Allen; who wrote the music for the film which was produced by her mother Alison.The A-listers all insisted on having their pics taken with the cow.

Dominic Cooper was later caught trying his hand at some (model) sheep rustling, while Stephen Fry found that although she didn’t have a rubber ear, Tamara the cow; who incidentally possesses fibreglass ears; was a good listener.

All the cast of the film subsequently autographed Tamara the Designer Cow, before she headed off to pastures new, at the producer`s home.

DONKEYS (2010)

DONKEYS  (2010)

We assisted Sigma Films with props for their black comedy “Donkeys”; (which formerly used the working title – Rounding Up The Donkeys) starring a host of household names including James Cosmo (BRAVEHEART, TROY), Brian Pettifer (AMADEUS, IF), Kate Dickie (RED ROAD) and Martin Compston (SWEET SIXTEEN)

A variety of our fibreglass animals; including sheep, pigs, chickens and calves (but ironically no model donkeys); as well as some (naughty) gnomes were used for specific scenes in the film.  The model animals are prominent in scenes filmed in and around the Barras in Glasgow. Sharp eyed cinema go-ers will spot that the naughty gnomes have actually been censored…

A number of the model animal props were ultimately purchased by the producers, as they were so taken with them.

The World Premiere for the movie took place at Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 20th 2010.

“One of the best Scottish Films in decades – please go and see it.”Daily Record 6 November 2010

Check out the Donkeys trailer :


This movie was filmed on an isolated farm in the Peak District.

Cassie and her two daughters are visited by a lonely predator, a man searching for his own ready-made family. He charms his way into their lives before revealing his obsession.  Trapped, Cassie and her girls have to escape.   They unite and fight like never before. Tense and suspenseful, The Holding is a heart-pounding thriller – rain, blood, shotguns, revelations and murder – in the vein of “Cape Fear”.

One sequence involves a caesarian being performed on a cow during a difficult calving. Due to the realism of our life size cow models we were able to fulfil the producers requirements; in order to make the film as authentic as possible.   It was released in early 2011.

You can check out the trailer for the film @


BBC`s DRAGONS DEN : The Happy Horse

Our best selling light weight hunter horse model appeared on the popular BBC TV Show, Dragons Den. The programme provides the opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to pitch for investment from five of the country`s top venture capitalists.

A lady called Aline accompanied “Charlie the Horse”, looking to obtain funds to develop a pad that fits under the saddle. She reckoned it would take the equine world by storm.

BBC`s DRAGONS DEN : The Happy Horse

Unfortunately, although the Dragons were impressed by the handsome 16.2hh model horse, they were not convinced about the limpet pad, and Aline rode out of the Den….and into the sunset …with nothing…

FOYLES WAR  Series 6  (2006) 

FOYLES WAR  Series 6  (2006)

Take a close look at the lifelike herd of pigs appearing in Series 6 of Foyles` War. This popular detective drama starring Michael Kitchen is set against the backdrop of World War II, and in the Broken Souls episode, the writers had included pigs in the script.

Unable to use real pigs as extras due to an unfortunate outbreak of Foot & Mouth disease in, and around the filming location, the producers went for the next best thing, and took our entire stock of life size fibreglass model pigs. (….we can only assume they added suitable sound fx!)