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Model Sheep with Horns

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Life Size Model Sheep with Horns

These hardy life size sheep models are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

They can be supplied as standard in white primer (as shown in the photos above) ; or fully painted; like the one down below.

  • Length : 92cm
  • Height : 76cm
  • Width :  30cm
  • Weight : 15kg
  • Price – £220 ex vat including delivery by private courier to anywhere on the UK mainland
  • We ship globally – so please contact us with full delivery address to confirm shipping cost
    (See Shipping Notes below)

12 in stock


Life Size Model Sheep with Horns

Sheep Model with Horns

This is one of our most popular sheep models which stands 92cm high from toe to the top of the head. The sheep prop is facing straight ahead and has a pair of horns featured in the design. These curl nicely around each ear. The ends of the thick horns are rounded off , so there are no sharp edges which could catch on anything or anyone.

Sheep Model Prop

Sheep Model Prop finished in White Primer ready to paint.

Smooth Textured Fleece

The surface of the model sheep has a textured feel to replicate the fleece of a real sheep. And the figure stands up squarely in a rather defiant pose, with all four hooves firmly on the ground.

Sheep Model Prop in White Primer

Sheep Model Prop in White Primer

The prop is manufactured from tough fibreglass resin and is designed to be used inside or outdoors, where it can be admired.

Sheep Model with Horns *deluxe version with leg spars

Flock of Strengthened Model Sheep with legs spars

Flock of Strengthened Model Sheep with legs spars

The same sheep model is also available with metal spars moulded under the hooves between the front legs and back legs to provide extra strength and stability.

Holes are also bored in the spars to allow the sheep figure to be secured down onto any surface. This is especially useful when a flock of sheep are being used for a long term extensive display, to ensure extra security.

Art Projects with Model Animals

This has been a very useful feature when we have supplied the models for various outdoor Art Projects. Such popular events are promoted to encourage members of the public to come along to an area, and view the various creations on display. The spars provide peace of mind for the organisors and artists, by keeping the sheep models safe and secure. The additional cost for the spars is £50.

Ordering the Sheep Models with Leg Spars

Instead of filling out the order form online – please contact us directly by email or phone if you wish to place an order for the models with spars.

Beautifully Painted Sheep Model

Beautifully Painted Sheep Model secured onto a concrete plinth.

Eye Art Project : Sheep Trail

Below is an example of one Art Trail complete with celebrity appearances. The sheep models in this Art Project all had leg spars fitted  A number of Lamb models were also supplied alongside the flock of sheep props to compliment the visual display.

Please turn on your SpeakersPlease turn on your Speakers …


Identification Badges on a Sheep Model

An agricultural client commissioned a life size sheep model for educational and promotional use. The brief was to assist in identifying various areas of a real sheep on the model. So we initially customised one of the models by outlining the requested areas on the sheep.

QMS Sheep Model with Identification Badges

QMS Sheep Model with Identification Badges

A piece of Velcro was then placed and secured into the centre of each outlined area. Hardwearing badges, complete with the clients` logo were then produced for each area with the name of each part printed on them. These all had the Velcro fixing on the back, making them all interchangable. The public are then challenged to see if they can correctly identify each area on the model.

Other Sheep Models

We also have other slightly smaller sheep models which come in three positions; either facing straight aheadsheep model looking left or sheep model lying down. These can be used as a flock or would make an ideal addition to your collection of model farm animals.


This is an animal model or prop which we frequently modify according to clients requests.

We supply the lamb, sheep and goat models as standard grey or white. However should you wish a totally different design, branding or modification; our artist will be only too happy to work to your brief. Various examples can be found in the Gallery.

Length of lead times obviously depend on what is required; however we are well used to working to deadlines; so please just ask.

Our models can be found not only across the UK; but widespread over all the continents. And the uses of the models is so varied. This is perfectly illustrated in the gallery where individual clients mix with zoos, science museums, marketing companies, dairy businesses, cheese companies, charities and children`s farm attractions.

The surfaces of the 3D model lamb, sheep and goats all have a lovely textured resin finish which will not only make a great feature as a POS model. The animal props would also enhance your stand at a trade-show or exhibition; and have a huge impact for any farm-shop, coffee shop, animal-feed store looking for a unique method to advertise or promote your milk or cheese.

Pink and Yellow Sheep Models

Pink and Yellow Sheep Models

The high quality of the detail in the modelling, would fit into any woodland, countryside or farm yard setting, themed area or in shops, businesses, pubs, restaurants, adventure golf courses, theme parks or even in your own garden.

We recommend that all the animal models which are going to be used outdoors be coated with a transparent gloss of UV resistant varnish, but we would advise where possible placing the models inside during winter months.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 92 × 76 × 30 cm

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