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Life Size 3D Model Pig Boar

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Life Size Model Boar Pig

Life size fibreglass boar statue. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Supplied fully customised.

  • Length : 165cm
  • Height :   75cm
  • Width :   40cm
  • Weight : 20kg
  • Price – £380 ex vat plus delivery to anywhere on the UK Mainland
  • We ship globally – so please contact us with full delivery address to confirm shipping cost
    (See Shipping Notes below)

We recommend that all models which are going to be used outdoors be coated with a transparent gloss of UV resistant varnish, but we would advise where possible placing the models inside during winter months.

11 in stock


Life Size 3D Model Boar Pig

Life Size Pig Boar ModelThe Life Size Model Boar is the largest of our fibreglass pigs; and an impressive speciman of his breed.

He is the “real deal”; measuring 165cm (65 inches in old money) long; and comes fully equipped…(see photo below)

There is no need to worry about him getting dirty by wallowing in the mud, or foraging for nuts,seeds,roots and grubs – as he arrives fully satisfied …


Manufactured from a robust combination of fibreglass and polyester, the boar is extremely strong and durable ; physically, and in looks. He is supplied ready painted as illustrated…


Sharp-eyed fans of hit TV series “The Sopranos” may have seen one of his brothers appearing in the opening credits masquerading as an advertising sign outside a shop …  Outstanding on his cloved hooves at indoor events such as exhibitions, seminars and demonstrations –  as a marketing tool he really is the Pigs Trotters…

For some strange reason, butchers are attracted to this big boar….


Boars made especially for Vets.In order to assist with training vets and pig farmers, we were commissioned by a global pharmaceutical company to modify a large number of model boars.

A specific area was identified where an injection had to be administered. Once the fluid was injected, another alteration was made to “drain” the boar. On completion of the modifications to support this purpose, the boars were then shipped all over the world.

The company found this model an “invaluable training aid”,  and were extremely satisfied with the end result. So much so, that another herd of pigs had to undergo the same transformation.

Pig Tales …

All of our life-size animal models are made of high quality polyester resin & fibre-glass. Our awesome porky porcine models are made from the former; and are great favourites amongst pig lovers, visual display designers, advertising executives, window designers and lots of others.

There are a number of different pig models in the range; which collectively turn into a nice little family.

The pig mannequins are quirky and lifelike; and are the closest thing to real pigs going to/on the market?

All the pig statues are on the same scale as real pigs. These include a mini piglet modelpiglet model, large sow model, small sow model and boar model all of which would be described of being nearest to the Large White breed. There is also a Spotted Pig Model, which resembles a Gloucester Old Spot Pig Model.

They are all impressive pig models; whose good looks and excellent attention to detail ensure they are extremely popular.

The 3D life-size pig props look great on their own; or are ideal as companions to other piggy models within a porcine group. They are ideal to use to decorate and theme the private home or to be used in a wide variety of businesses. After all everybody loves pigs!

We supply the display pig mannequins finished in normal “pig” colours. However should you wish to customise the model with a totally different design, branding or modification; our artist will be only too happy to work to your brief. Length of lead times obviously depend on what is required; however we are well used to working to deadlines; so please ask.

Our animal models and props can be found not only across the UK; but widespread over all the continents. And the uses of the models is so varied. Check out our gallery where individual clients mix with zoos, science museums, festivals, marketing companies, hog roast businesses, pork meat, bacon or sausage companies, charities and children`s farm attractions.

These 3D model pigs will not only enhance your stand at a trade-show or exhibition; but will have huge impact for any farm-shop, coffee shop, butcher shop, animal-feed store looking for a unique method to advertise.

The high quality of the detail in the modelling, would fit into any woodland, countryside or farm yard setting, themed area or in shops, businesses, pubs, restaurants, adventure golf courses, theme parks or even in your own garden.

We recommend that all the animal models which are going to be used outdoors be coated with a transparent gloss of UV resistant varnish, but we would advise where possible placing the models inside during winter months.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 165 × 75 × 40 cm

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