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Life Size Ostrich Model

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Life Size Ostrich Model

Life size fibreglass ostrich. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Supplied in typical black and white colourings.

  • Height : 180cm
  • Width :  80cm
  • Length : 120cm
  • Weight : 40kg
  • Price – £800 ex vat plus delivery to UK mainland address
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Out of stock

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Life Size Ostrich Model

Big Bird

Our Life Size Model Ostrich is a great example of the largest living flightless bird. Like his living counterpart, he is distinctive in appearance, with a long neck and legs.

The distinct standard markings of a dark body, white neck and cream legs on the bird ensure that it stands out.

Flightless birds like ostriches are the easiest to take care of in captivity because not only do they not have to be caged, but obviously cannot suffer from bird flu…

This fibreglass model has similar requirements ; it has no need to be penned up; and cannot even catch a common cold….. it does however like an audience…

Ruffling Ostrich Feathers

There is a great depth of body to this ostrich model, along with a fine plumage on the tail and strong legs anchored by two rather large feet. It also has individual markings on the various areas of the bird`s body.

The bird is extremely strong and durable.

The realistic model Ostrich is produced in tough fibreglass, and certainly gives the impression of being no shrinking violet!

Security and Stability

Life Size Ostrich ModelDuring production, metal rings or “lugs” are inserted into the mould under each foot.

This ensures that the ostrich model is afforded greater stability. Should the standing surface be on soft ground, then metal tent pegs can be used to fix it down.

If however the ground is hard, or a wooden base is preferred, then bolts or screws can be used. This also provides greater security.

It should be noted that it is relatively simple to ensure the fixings are discreetly hidden.

Top Class Birds

Life Size Ostrich ModelThe Ostrich stands around 190cm high.

These models are high quality and durable. The detail & modelling of these sculptures is superb . If looked after, these models will give you & your customers endless pleasure for many years to come.

We recommend that all models which are going to be used outdoors be given a protective coat of exterior varnish or clear lacquer .


Design Commissions

We have an in-house artist who will work quickly and effectively to any clients` brief – no matter how bizzare; as can be seen from the illustration.

Safari and Zoo Work

Life Size Ostrich Model

“You don`t think we`ve gone over the top with this camouflague look Mary ? ” “Of course not Barbra, a girl`s got to get dressed up now and again; especially if we`re two birds on the pull – by the way love your outfit…..!”

This wonderful model of an Ostrich is very realistic and would stand out in anyone’s garden or woodlands. It is ideal to use as a prop or sign for zoos, safari parks, Ostrich farms, African themed areas, adventure golf courses, theme parks or to market shops, businesses, pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants or coffee shops.

 Our animal props and models can be found not only across the UK; but widespread over all the continents. And the uses of the models is so varied. This is perfectly illustrated in the gallery where individual clients mix with zoos, science museums, marketing companies, dairy businesses, cheese companies, charities and children`s farm attractions.

These 3D Ostrich models will not only enhance your stand at a trade-show or exhibition; but will have huge impact for any farm-shop, zoo, coffee shop, animal-feed store looking for a unique method to advertise.

The high quality of the detail in the modelling, would fit into any woodland, countryside or farm yard setting, themed area or in shops, businesses, pubs, restaurants, adventure golf courses, theme parks or even in your own garden.

We recommend that all the animal models which are going to be used outdoors be coated with a transparent gloss of UV resistant varnish, but we would advise where possible placing the models inside during winter months.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 180 × 80 × 120 cm

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