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Model Animal Trolley

£300.00 Price incl. VAT: £360.00

Model Animal Trolley, Plinth or “Skateboard”

Our turfboard is an oval design which is the length of a model. Underneath there are four wheels; two of which have brakes to provide security.

The custom built board has a layer of plastic sheeting to stop any moisture ingress; and is finished off in an eye-catching green artificial turf to complete the look.

The turfboard provides ease of use in moving the models around by a sole person unassisted.

  • Length – 200cm
  • Width – 90cm
  • Height – 10cm
  • Weight – 19kg

Price – £300 when delivered with a model animal ** to any address on the UK Mainland.

**Please contact us for cost when purchasing separately.


Model Animal Trolley, Plinth or “Skateboard”

Some time ago, we undertook a survey to find out from clients what could be done to improve the products, and discovered that many customers wanted greater flexibility when moving the larger models around such as the cows.

Although the model animals are not particularly heavy; it would be helpful if one person was able to move the bigger models around on their own without requiring assistance.

In order to solve this issue, we now supply model animal plinths or “skateboards” which consist of a wooden board in the shape of a surfboard. And underneath there are four wheels which have individual brakes mounted on each corner; to allow the model to be manoeuvred around easily, before being parked safely. All the larger models have metal spars moulded under the hooves during manufacture; so these are used to bolt the animal model down.

To complete the look of the animal skateboard, we finish by adding artificial turf to the board ; thereby transforming it into a “turfboard” and providing a suitable setting for a professional finish. On the odd occasion, we have even added artificial flowers.


Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 200 × 90 × 10 cm

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