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Life Size Anatomy Horse Model

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Life Size Horse Anatomy Model

  • Length : 230cm
  • Height : 210cm
  • Width :   70cm
  • Weight : 70kg
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Life Size Horse Anatomy Model

Initially designed for educational purposes; the stunning life size Anatomical Horse Model is based on our original hunter style horse model. Standing an impressive 16.2hh, the horse is true to life in terms of stature and conformation. This ensures that when used for equine lectures, demonstrations and talks; the audience gets as close a sense of realism as is possible.

Practical Examinations

And at the same time avoids any potential health & safety or health & hygiene issues which may arise when using real horses for demonstration or illustrative purposes. There is no doubt that the Anatomical Horse Model would also be of great use for practical examinations by relevant veterinary bodies. (Our fully functioning model milking cows have already been performing this task for some years)

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Life Size Horse Anatomy Model Gallery

Skeletal Structure

The near side (left side) of the Anatomy Horse Model is completely covered in a high-quality customised vinyl which depicts a horse`s anatomy. It perfectly illustrates the internal skeletal structure alongside numerous organs and associated parts.

The outstanding finish covers all the curves and shapes on half of the body; including the head, legs and even the poll of the tail.

Equine Anatomy

It is perfect for providing a visual understanding of the techincal aspects of the equine anatomy.

The half skeleton – half body model horse ensures the best of both worlds. This stunning life size fibreglass horse statue is a perfect educational tool or training aid. Equine educational establishments such as veterinary universities, colleges and schools are able to fully enhance their lectures and demonstrations in a unique manner. The interactive aspect of the horse model not only guarantees the learning experience being more enjoyable – but also extremely memorable.

Spring Loaded Mouth

horsehead moving mouthIn order to allow a bit & bridle to be fitted; the mouth is spring-loaded; allowing it to be fully opened and closed – which we supply as standard on this particular horse model.

This is an extremely useful feature for any interactive demonstration concerning the head area; from the correct method of fitting a bit – to identifying issues concerning the horse`s mouth or teeth.

Equine Demonstration Model

Importantly, it can also assist in demonstrating step by step, the correct method of fitting a bridle on a horse. Adjustments to individual parts of the bridle can then be easily undertaken to show riders or students. The added anatomy aspect on exterior of the horse model provides an invalauble teaching aid to show the indepth outcome on a real animal when the tack is incorrectly fitted.

Metal Spars for extra strength & stability

Additional standard features are the metal spars which are moulded under the hooves; between the front and back legs – providing additional strength and stability to the statue. Holes in the spars allow the model to be secured down onto any surface if deemed necessary.

When used in a classroom or lecture theatre environment this may not be required. However, the model can be bolted down onto a trolley (turfboard) where the situation calls for greater flexibility in moving around different locations.

And the subtle design of the spars ensures that they do not detract from the visual impact of the Anatomical Animal Model

Educational Tool, Marketing Model and Training Aid

This unique model is also a great resource for Riding Clubs, Pony Clubs or any other equine organisation requiring an interactive model which perfectly illustrates or demonstrates aspects for a variety of talks, events or lectures. It greatly assists riders to understand how horses work; from the biomechanics to the digestive system – thereby allowing them to improve training techniques, general equine management and horse care.

Equine Veterinary Research and Developments

The anatomic model is a huge asset to any equine supplier or business concerned with relevant topics such as horse health, welfare, rehabilitation or nutrition. It also has a place in assisting the latest equine veterinary research and developments; as well as being part of various equine strategies requiring a different slant on communications.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

The Anatomic Horse Model is suitable to be used indoors or outside, but would advise where possible placing the models inside during winter months.

It is available in bay/brown or grey livery.

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 230 × 210 × 70 cm

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