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Life Size Labrador Puppy Sitting

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Labrador Puppy Dog Sitting Model

Cute golden labrador pup model. Produced in high – class fibreglass resin.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Length :30cm
  • Height : 38cm
  • Width  : 20cm
  • Price – £60 ex vat including delivery to anywhere on the UK Mainland (previously £80 ex vat)
  • We ship globally – so please contact us with full delivery address to confirm shipping cost
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6 in stock


Labrador Puppy Dog Sitting Model


All of our life-size animal models are made of high quality polyester resin & fibre-glass. The excellent lifelike dog models have proven especially popular amongst dog lovers, visual display designers, advertising executives, pharmaceutical companies, veterinary supply firms, visual merchandisers, window designers and many other doggy model followers. These are plastic dogs real life size.

They also make excellent model guard dogs !

Having been around dogs all our lives, we can confidently state that these display dog mannequins are the closest thing to real canines out there.

Our canine collection consists of a large variety of life-size dog mannequins, the vast majority of these dog statues are on the same scale as real dogs. These include the Labrador dog model, Dachshund dog model, Pug dog model, Chihuahua dog model, West Highland Terrier dog model, Bulldog model, Doberman dog model, Rottweiler dog model, and Poodle dog model. The Boxer dog model, although slightly smaller in stature; is by no means less impressive; due to the large amount of attention to detail that has ensured the popularity of these canine props.

There are also a few other doggy models which are more cartoon-like in features; such as the Dalmatian puppy statues, which would not look out of place in the film 101 Dalmatians !

A product`s true retail potential is often unable to be achieved due to poor product display. An item of clothing or an accessory looks so much better when worn, as opposed to being presented in packaging or on a hanger. So the canine models are ideal for modelling ; dog clothing and dog collars.

Our life size dog models and animal mannequins enable manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers to effectively display their merchandise. Whether attending a trade show, building an image library or displaying product to the end consumer in a franchise store or pet boutique, the appearance of our dog and animal mannequins in window displays will maximise a products exposure and increase the sell-through rate.

As 3D life-size dog props, they look great on their own, as your home decoration centre piece, or are perfect as companions to other dog models within a canine group. They are also ideal to use to decorate and theme your home or to be used in a wide variety of businesses.

After all  – the dog is man`s best friend!

We supply the display dog mannequins in the colours of each individual breed. However should you wish to customise the model with a totally different design, branding or modification; our artist will be only too happy to work to your brief.

Bright green Rottweiler Dog Model

Customised Rottweiler Dog Model

Length of lead times obviously depend on what is required; however we are well used to working to deadlines; so please ask.

Our animal models and props can be found not only across the UK; but widespread over all the continents. And the uses of the models is so varied. Check out our gallery where individual clients mix with zoos, security firms, science museums, marketing companies, kennels, dogs homes, pet shop window displays, vets, dog grooming parlour, charities and children`s farm attractions.

These 3D model dogs will not only enhance your stand at a trade-show or exhibition; but will have huge impact for any farm-shop, coffee shop, butcher shop, animal-feed store looking for a unique method to advertise.

The high quality of the detail in the modelling, would fit into any woodland, countryside or farm yard setting, themed area or in shops, businesses, pubs, restaurants, adventure golf courses, theme parks or even in your own garden.

We recommend that all the animal models which are going to be used outdoors be coated with a transparent gloss of UV resistant varnish, but we would advise where possible placing the models inside during winter months.


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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 30 × 38 × 20 cm

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